Madras Rasam Powder

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Rasam is a traditional South Indian dish prepared using tamarind juice, typically eaten with Cooked Rice and papad.  At home, we prepare a mix called Rasam Powder, using which preparing Rasam becomes very easy.  The ingredients used to make this Rasam Powder varies from region to region. 

Balali's Vishalam Madras Rasam Powder, uses the recipe typically used in the Madras (Chennai) region.  The formula is traditional and has been passed on by our Grandmothers from one generation to the other.  Our formula is unique and has the right ingredients in the right proportion. 

We have used only the first grade ingredients, which have been individually roasted and ground together, to ensure that you get the authentic taste of Tamil Brahmin's home.


Coriander Seed, Red Chilli, Toor Dal, Black Pepper, Cumin Seed, Roasted Gram, Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida, Curry Leaves

  • Contains NO added chemicals - 100% natural product
  • No Artificial color
  • No artificial flavor
  • No added preservatives
  • No Palm Oil. No Oil Reuse.
How To Use

Madras Rasam Recipe - serves 4

  • Take a deep bottom pan and add 300ml water.
  • Take 4 medium sized tomatoes and squeeze it inside the pan to extract all juice and leave the flesh of tomatoes also inside the pan.
  • If you prefer, you can add a small ball of tamarind and just use 2 tomatoes instead of 4.
  • Leave the tamarind as it is inside the pan without squeezing the juice. This tamarind can be removed after cooking the Rasam to avoid the pulp getting into anyone's plate.
  • Heat the pan in medium flame.
  • Add salt to taste, 2 spoons Balali's Vishalam Madras Rasam Powder (20 g), a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Allow to boil for 5-8 minutes in medium flame. 
  • Add a pinch of asafoetida and little water (50-100 ml). Instead of plain water, you can also add diluted dal water for additional taste and consistency. Boil for another 5 minutes in low flame.
  • Season with coriander leaves, put off the flame.
  • Cover a lid to the pan for 10 minutes for the fragrance of Balali's Vishalam Madras Rasam Powder to settle in well before use.
Nutritional Info

Allergy Info

This product has been prepared in a facility that processes, milk products, wheat products, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds.

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