Our first firm, Meena Lakshmi Farm Products, a Micro SME Organization engaged in Food Processing, was formed in 2013 by Balasubramaniam Subburatnam, a first generation entrepreneur.  Our business has now grown into a Corporate Organization - Balali's GlobTrade Private Limited (started in 2016), which now manufactures and markets all our products within India and Globally.

Started in Dindigul, to achieve a better Go-To-Market access, we have now shifted our manufacturing facility in Kanchipuram District (near Orgadam in Chennai), Tamil Nadu. 

Our business is an outcome of a deep question - why do we get discomfort when having commercial food - be it from a street vendor, or a normal restaurant, or a star rated restaurant - for a prolonged time, whereas we do not get any discomfort having HOME-FOOD (howsoever simple it is) for any prolonged period of time.

We did a lot of primary research by speaking to customers, and making quality observations and arrived at reasons, which became the genesis of our business.  As part of our Organization Mission, we take a deep promise towards these specific aspects, given below.

As they say in Tamil since ancient times - உணவே மருந்து, மருந்தே உணவு, viz Our Food is our medicine; and our medicine our Food - this translates to an awareness of what we eat should be hygienically prepared without any addition of chemicals.  

Our products would always be Dependable, Unadulterated, Authentic, Traditional, Home Quality Food, which are Chemical-Free and Stomach-Safe.

Our philosophy is “Not to compromise” on any aspect of product formulation, quality of raw materials, and traditional preparation method – and be able to bring a “difference” in the way packaged foods are offered today to quality and health conscious customers.  We have successfully balanced our "Home Quality" objective in a Commercial environment.

Our Corporate Mission is to provide dependable and stomach-safe traditional food products, and is based on spiritual guidance given by Ancient Tamil Sage, Thiruvalluvar Peruman as below :

Our Brand (Registered Trademarks)



"BALALI'S is our Umbrella Brand, representing our family name, and is prefixed to all Product Brands to denote "From the House of Balali's".

"VISHALAM" is our product brand which not only represents our broad range of products, but also refers to our Grandma's traditional name.

"CEREMIL" brand represents our health range of products containing Cereals, Millets, Spice Mixes etc.

"BAKSHANAM" brand is for our Sweets & Savouries products.

NamAham is our physical exclusive Factory Outlets at various locations, through which we retail our products to our beloved customers.  Our first outlet has been started in 2019 in Chennai at

Balali's NamAham Food Store, 25/9 Agasthiyar Street, East Tambaram, Chennai 600059 (Google Location : W4GG+MX)    Phone : 044-43597528 



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