Order Cancellation 

Orders once placed can be cancelled up to the time of

a)  Preparation - This would be applicable for certain categories of products like Seer Bakshanam or Out-Of-Stock Products, which are prepared after receipt of order.
b)  Shipping - All other products which are in stock, and ready-for-despatch.

Orders cannot be cancelled once they have either been prepared or shipped as per scenarios listed above.

Customers who would like to cancel their order should do so through our Store System itself, or contact us through email (customer@vishalam.com) and communicate their willingness to cancel the order.  While we do not insist on the reason for cancellation, it would be greatly appreciated if you let us know the reasons for the cancellation.

Once Orders are cancelled, depending on the situation, each such cancellation would be handled on a case-by-case basis based on this Policy.

Order Modification

Order Modification Requests would also be treated based on the Order Cancellation scenarios given above.

Modifications can be of three types - additions, reductions, or both. These modifications may impact committed delivery dates, and in such cases, revised dates would be as agreed mutually.  Accordingly, if there is any changes (increase / decrease) to order charges and/or shipping charges, if any, these would be payable / refundable accordingly.  


Once the orders have been processed and shipped, Customers can still return the product to us after they have been received, however, at their own expense.  If the customers refuse to accept delivery and the courier takes back the package, it cannot be construed that the Courier Company would return the package to us - they may or may not return it to us, based on their internal policies and costs involved.

In case you would like to return, we do not have any return shipment arranged at this point of time.  Hence, customers may return the package (in its original form) at their own expense to

Balali's GlobTrade Private Limited
25/9, Agasthiyar Street
East Tambaram
Chennai 600059, TN, India
Fixed Landline Phone : +91-44-4359 7528

Once you have returned the package, please communicate the details to us through an email to customer@vishalam.com, along with the tracking details.


1.  Only packages returned by the customer or packages lost / damaged in transit are eligible for a refund.  Packages that have got delayed for delivery are not eligible for refund if the order has been shipped in time (according to the shipping policy) and a tracking number has been shared with the customer.
2.  Once the packages have been received, we would process your request and confirm our acceptance and next steps.
3.  As there are many different scenarios ranging from damaged-in-transit to quality to customer preference issues, and as generally food products are not eligible for any refund even by larger E-commerce Players, we will do our best and handle the refund request on case by case basis, and strive for the best solution possible.


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