At Balali's Vishalam, we follow a unique transparent pricing policy - One World One Price.

Many Online Stores offer varying prices for their products, depending on which country you buy from - and even offer FREE SHIPPING, seeing which consumers are very happy, even forgetting that somewhere the shipping costs need to be built in the pricing itself.

We strongly believe that consumers have the right to be aware what shipping costs are built in the product price itself.  

Therefore, we offer the same product price to all our global consumers, irrespective of whether one buys from Chennai or Chicago or Canberra.  Actual Shipping charged to us by DHL / FedEx are subsequently added during the checkout process.  This shipping charge vary according to country and order weight in the cart page.  The charge does not vary according to product - so, any product combination for 5 KGs would be same for a given country.  For example, shipping charges for 20x250g of Adhirasam would be the same for 20 different products of 250g each.

Customers may use the Shipping Calculator provided in the Cart Page to ascertain the actual shipping charges payable prior to checkout itself.

We would also like our customers to understand that the shipping is actually charged by International Air Freight Couriers like DHL / FedEx based on the package weight and not on the order weight - this would be about 25-30% higher than the order weight due to the pack weight, additional weights like bubble packing etc and outer carton weight.  Therefore, the charges you see in our Shipping Estimator includes this package weight - for example, if your order is for 10KGs, the charges shown should be understood as cost for approx 13 KGs.

If you have any questions or need any further clarification on this, please contact us through WhatsApp @ +91-91235 90196, or use the chat window in bottom right of your screen, or write to - and we would be very happy to assist.


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