Sundakkai Vathal - 100g

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Sun-dried Premium quality Sundakai (Turkey Berry), prepared using traditional method


Sundakai, Curd, Salt

  • Contains NO added chemicals - 100% natural product
  • No Artificial color
  • No artificial flavor
  • No added preservatives
How to Use

Deep fry these vathals in a small kadai with a couple of spoons of cooking oil, until dark blackish brown in color and use a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.

You can use these fried Vathals with plain rice and eat adding a little salt and ghee / sesame oil.  You can also use these fried vathals to make Vathal Kulambu using Balali's Vishalam Kulambu Powder.

Health Benefits
  • Improves digestion by killing germs in our intestine.

  • Controls Diabetes (consume these vathals at least 4 times a week with rice)

  • Daily consumption of Sundakkai Vathal strengthens bones and nerves

  • Prevents and controls gastric problems

  • Prolonged regular use of Sundakkai Vathals also facilitates cure of Paralysis

  • Prevents and cures teeth related diseases - eat these vathals plain or with rice.

The above is provided for information purpose only, and does not constitute medical advise.  Please consult your medical practitioner for specific guidance and advise. 

Allergy Info

This product has been prepared in a facility that processes (cow) milk products, wheat products, peanuts, tree nuts, soybean and sesame seeds.

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