Kabasura kudineer Suranam

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"Kaba suram Kudineer" in Siddha means fever due to excess accumulation of Kapha. This choornam is effective in balancing the kapha dosha which is known to infect the respiratory system. The formulation is particularly significant in lessening the symptoms associated with respiratory ailments such as fever, cough, and cold, breathing difficulty and treating flu.

Kabasura Kudineer is a well known Siddha medicine that consists of a whopping 15 herbal ingredients, each of them having unique characteristic features of its own. Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam is a traditional formulation used by Siddha practitioners for effectively managing common respiratory ailments such as the flu and cold. Siddha practitioners vouch by this herbal concoction in relieving symptoms associated with respiratory health including severe phlegm, dry and wet cough and fever.

Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, in their published guidelines for Siddha Practitioners for Covid 19, have recommended 60ml Kabasura Kudineer twice a day, as an anti-viral Siddha formulation.

Chukku / Ginger (Zinziber officinalis)
Thippili / Pippali (Piper Langum)
Lavangam / Clove (Syzygium auromaticum)
Cirukancori Ver / Dusparsha (Tragia involuerata)
Akkirakaram / Akarakarabha (Anacyclus pyrenthrum)
Mulliver / Kokilaksha (Hygrophilla auricuata)
Kadukai thol / Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
Aadathodai ilai / Malabar nut (Adathoda zeylanica)
Karporavalli Ilai / Ajwain (Coleus amboinicus)
Kostam / Kusta (Saussurea Lappa)
Seenthil thandu / Guduchi (Tinospora cardifolia)
Siruthekku (Bharangi/Kalamegha) (Pygmacorpremna herbaceae)
Nilavembu / Green Chiretta (Creat) (Andrographis paniculata m)
Vatta thiruppi ver / Raja pata (Sida acuta burn)
Korakizhangu / Musta (Cyprus rotandus)

  • Suranam Shelf Life 18 months
  • Kashayam / Concoction shelf life is 3 hours from time of preparation
  • Add 10-15gm of Choornam in 200ml water and boil it in low flame till the concoction is reduced to 50ml.
  • Filter the aqueous decoction using a muslin cloth to remove the residue.
  • Optional : You can add honey or country sugar / palm sugar if required.
  • Consume within 3 hours.

Dosage : (continuously for 3 days in a week. 6 days in a month is sufficient)

(take after food)

  • Adults : 50ml
  • Children : 30ml
  • Upto 3y : 10ml
  • Pregnant ladies may avoid this concoction.
  1. Ginger (Chukku) - It is known to promote digestion and is beneficial in treating asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments.
  2. Piper longum (pippali) – It has the potential to treat indigestion, asthma and cough.
  3. Clove (lavangam) – It has the power to kill the bacteria and promote liver health.
  4. Dusparsha (cirukancori ver) - It is used to treat haemorrhoids.
  5. Akarakarabha - It is used for healing mouth ulcers, sore throat, cough and ailments caused due to the worsening of vata dosha.
  6. Kokilaksha(mulli ver) - A plant highly valued in ayurvedic medicine for treating jaundice, abdominal distention and urinary infections.
  7. Haritaki (kadukkaithol) – Imbued with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it facilitates to treat sore throat and allergies.
  8. Malabar nut (adathodai elai) - It is used for treating upper respiratory infections and asthma.
  9. Ajwain (Karpooravalli) – It helps in relieving common cold and cough.
  10. Kusta (kostam) - A popular herb used in treating gout and respiratory ailment.
  11. Guduchi (seenthil thandu) - It possesses antipyretic and immunomodulatory effects.
  12. Bharangi (Siruthekku) - A strong herb used widely for treating allergic rhinitis, asthma and other inflammatory conditions.
  13. Kalamegha (Siruthekku) – It is used for cleansing and purifying the blood and liver.
  14. Raja pata (Vattathiruppi) - A potent herb used for curing fever and intestinal worms.
  15. Musta (korai kizhangu) - This herb eases fever and burning sensation.

Side Effects ; There are no known side effects upon taking this choornam. This formulation is safe when taken together with homeopathic medicine. It also does not show any adverse effects when taken along with multivitamin and mineral supplements.

The above is provided for information and education purpose only. Please consult your medical practicioner / Siddha Physician before consuming Kabasura Kudineer.

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